Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Monogram to do list-CHECKED OFF

I stopped taking sewing and monogramming orders at the end of November so that I would have time to do the regular Christmas stuff that I haven't been able to enjoy the last two years.    Well,  I still had some last minute orders that I agreed to take but overall I was able to get some things finished for my kids and some gifts.

My 9 year old is sooooo over monogrammed anything - that is, before we moved to NC.   Now that we live in the "south" (It takes leaving Florida to realize that We Weren't the south) my daughter is all about bows and some monogrammed items (which makes me elated!!!!)  The other day we were at the mall and she saw a cute little blond twenty something wearing monogrammed jeans.  So she requested them for Christmas.  Here they are.  I love them.  I considered making myself a pair but I am thinking that perhaps i should start exercising again before I draw unwanted attention to my derriere. (the monogram is off center -It was 5am, hopefully my daughter won't notice)

My family tradition for many years now is to open 1 gift on Christmas Eve.  When my children were born we continued the tradition.  Its sounds great but the kids always know what they are getting on Christmas Eve.  We give them pajamas.  I figure this ensures that the pajamas they wear to bed and debut on Christmas morning (for all the pictures) are presentable.    Well,  I have been wanting to make my kids pj's for the last 2 years and I always run out of time and have no choice but to purchase some.  Since I stopped taking orders at the end of November this year I was actually able to accomplish a variety of my desires.  One of them being Pj's.  Here is my son's Christmas PJ's.  I will post the others tomorrow.

Reindeer Flannel from Joann fabric

rectangle patch and tipsy topsy font is from Applique Frenzy
I still need to applique the shirt for my oldest daughter (i will post that picture later)
Last year I bought some cute polka dot PJ's for $3 at walmart after the season.  I put a monogram oh those and decided to make my her everyday PJ's.  She is my singer and dancer (she is only 5 so I am not sure what that really means, but she enjoys the karaoke machine greatly).  she began ballet lessons this year so I decided to make her ballerina themed pj's so she doesn't feel left out when the other 2 open their homemade PJ's on Christmas eve.

ballerina flannel is from Joann fabric

ballet shoes applique from Embroidery Boutique and the Digger font is from Applique Frenzy

These monogrammed market totes are fabulous.  My kids gave these as gifts to all of their teachers this year. I ordered an extra one for myself.  I can wait to monogram and use it:)

 Pillowcases are always a fun gift.  My husband is a football coach but he enjoys coaching basketball as well.  Over the last several years he has coached high school boys, the last two years he coached high school girls.  When we moved from Florida his intention was only to coach FB but the need arose for a middle school girls Basketball coach at the school, so my husband accepted the position.  In comparison to FB its fun and light hearted.  Of course its my job to figure out what we will give the girls for Christmas.  I had planned on using an applique number and layering the name over it but I didn't feel like I had enough time  and really didn't want to stress out.  This is what I did instead.  I am so Glad i chose to only embroider it only took a couple of hours to monogram 12 cases.

A pillow for my 5 year old duaghter's little friend. 

And finally, My for my Alabama loving (born and raised) friend that lives in Florida.  A monogrammed hounds tooth umbrella.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shine Your Light and let the Whole World See!!!!

Mathew 5:16
Let your light so shine before men
that they may see your good works
and glorify the Father which is in heaven.

My new design is a tribute to mathew 5:16. 

Click on the picture to purchase these designs.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

From Blah to INSPIRED- sewing rooms and painted furniture

After 6 days of  having no motivation to do anything (no sewing, no digitizing, no cleaning and barely any cooking),  I have finally gotten myself partially together.  I addressed our Christmas card envelopes today and am hoping to get to the Post office tomorrow to buy stamps (who still uses stamp? I sure don't, so i don't have any). My hubby and I watched a movie and then I spend a good portion of the day on the computer visiting many favorite blogs. 
I love embroidery and my other passion is decorating.  I don't love painting furniture or anything else for that matter but i have to say that i am INSPIRED.  My house is full of furniture and really can't hold another piece but I do want to find a chair that i can paint turquoise and cover with fun fabric for my daughter's room.  I also need a piece of furniture for my guest bathroom.  I am starting the hunt  for these two things in thrift stores, curb side or craigslist.  I will let you know when i find it and show you the before and after.

My inspiration began to blossom yesterday after i visited a fabulous local store called The Eclectic Furniture Garden.  They have so many cool furniture pieces that they have painted and revamped.   They also have great Christmas items and gifts many of which I fell in love with.   I can't copy the pics because they are copyrighted but check out these mesh ribbon wreaths.  I love them, they are $99 so I think I will have to pass.
Mesh Christmas Wreath
More Mesh Christmas Wreaths

The room in real need of inspiration is my sewing room.  I have wanted to redo it for the last 6 months but haven't tackled the project yet.  I think i have postponed it because i am not sure how to organize it so it is efficient and functional yet stylish.  6 months ago i wanted to use hot pink, lime green and black- now I am not sure.  I may stick with that color theme but I am not completely sold.  Do i want the funky diva sewing room or the shabby chic light hearted sewing room?  We will see but in the meanwhile i have found some definite inspiration.  Check this sewing room out.  She has such great ideas for organization.  I am definitely using some of her storage ideas. 

Is this amazing or what?  check out her blog for details on the re purposed bookshelves and hutch. Sew Many Ways.  She took those cheap bookshelves that you can pick up at Walmart added bead board, crown molding and painted them black.  FABULOUS!!!!!!

Here are some other great sewing rooms.
Angela Mae Designs has a simple organized space, check it out.