Sunday, February 27, 2011

Winter Break -coupon Code

My kids and husband are on Winter Break and we are so excited.  We definitely have cabin fever, spring fever and anything else you want to call it.  We moved from Florida to NC this past summer and we sure miss the sun and the beach.  We enjoyed going to the beach at least once every 2 weeks in the spring and almost every week in the summer.  In the winter we may not have gone in the water but we went fishing on my husband's boat and enjoyed the sun and all of God's amazing creation.  We had a heated pool in our back yard and the kids enjoyed that daily.  Here we are NOW in NC and we have really enjoyed the winter, and the snow.  We LOVED the fact that Christmas felt like Christmas and not like you could bake your ham on the driveway.  BUT NOW, we are READY for spring.  We are ready to hear the birds chirping, the flowers blooming and from what I understand we will know spring has arrived when we hear all the frogs (yuck, i don't like frogs).  My kids haven't been in the water since JULY.  JULY people,  do you know what that means to us Floridians that LOVE the sun and water.  Our tans our gone (which is hard to believe if you had seen my naturally olive colored skin kids the past couple of years) and We need to get in the sun and water
Yesterday was a beautiful day.  We enjoyed the moderate weather and the sunshine but still no water.  The nearest beach is 2 hours away and lets be real us Floridians aren't getting in that water even if the temperature outside is only 70 degrees.    So the next best thing...... we are going to an indoor water park.  No sunshine, but at least my kids can frolic around in the water and enjoy themselves as they once did in our backyard.  We are going to Great Wolf  Lodge.  They have several in the United States and we have never been to any.  We have 2 different ones just a few hours away from us so we are going to give it a try.  Check out this place, even I am EXCITED.
In my excitement I have decided to have a WinterBreak Sale.  Save 55% on any order that is  $30 or more.  Thats' a great deal, just think buy $30 worth of products and pay only $13.50.    You can't beat that.  Actually, yes I can.  The first person to read this and  make a purchase over $75 can use coupon code TheFirst will get 70% off of their order.  Now that I can't beat.  That's $75 worth of product for $22.50

coupon codes:

WinterBreak  55% off any order $30 or more 
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Have a great week. I will be back on  Thursday.  I will be answering email but very very LIMITED amounts.  I will check it at the end of the night for about 15 minutes so if I don't get to your email never fear I will be back in just a few short days. 


Monday, February 21, 2011

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The day has arrived- It's My Birthday and we are having a 4 hour B-day Bash

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