Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Coupon Code in memory of my sweet grandmother.

Those that knew my grandmother knew that she was special.  She loved her family very much but sweet is probably not the adjective most used to describe her.  She was feisty, determined, opinionated and set in her ways (even when she was young).   
She left her country and  as she looked out of the airplane window probably never realized that she would never step foot  on Cuban soil again.  She left anticipating that the socialist rebel that was taking over would not be there for long.  She was wrong.  she came to this country in the early 1960's and with her she brought my mother.  Her mother and one of her 3 siblings would stay behind never be reunited again.  My mother  (her daughter) only 13 at the time would part ways with her father and only have the opportunity to return back to Cuba 15 years later for her 1st and last visit with him since they had departed from Cuba.
 As described earlier my grandmother was an independent woman who did what she felt she had to do for her daughter.   They left a comfortable life where everything they had everything they could ever want.  And tried to begin a life from scratch.  I can't imagine--- a single mom,  no job, no house, and only the clothes in their suitcase.  Once the money they brought with them ran out they had better have a plan.  Not sure if my grandmother rally did but she was savvy.  The next 50 years would be a tough road but her determination and love for her family would keep her going.    she went form a lavish lifestyle to working her fingers to the bone.  She worked in factories in NYC and as  an embroiderer in Miami  (back then it was an art- no computerized 3mbroidery machines and no software- everything was manual.).  She embroidered all the logos on the back of the uniforms for the city of Miami fire department and Miami police department.

she was instrumental in my life as she helped raise me along side my parents.  She bought me my first car and was always theere to su port my every whimsy.  She followed me to college  in Pensacola moving 7 hours from her home just to make sure I was OK.  She moved to Tallahassee with me when i got my first teaching job.  She moved with me to clearwater when  my husband and i moved our family from Miami to Clearwater.  She hadn't lived with us for 2  years when we convinced her to move  to clearwater and spend time with me and her great grandchildren (she loved them dearly).  During this time with she marveled at how my 6  needle machine did all the work and i just watched.  She then motivated me to learn to digitize and with her support and sideline cheering I did.  then came the news that God was calling our family to move to NC.  She refused to move to NC this summer when we moved but in retrospect i believe she knew her time left on this temporal earth was coming to an end and she wanted to be home (Miami).

we moved her back to Miami and with in 2 moths we  moved to NC.  Within a week of our move my Mom called to tell me that the doctors had only given her 3-6 months to  live (she was sick but we didn't expect her to die for many more years.).  our family loaded the car and drove from NC to south Florida.  WE were able to spend a couple of weeks enjoying her company and seeing her laugh and play with my kids.  of course we had to return home and about 4 weeks later I received the call that she was going into hospice.  I immediately flew down and was able to spend a couple  days with her.  I don't think she knew I was there but I was able to hold her hand and talk to her.  i AM SO THANKFUL THAT GOD GAVE ME THOSE LAST FEW DAYS.  I was right there holding her hand when she took her last breath.    It pains me that I wont see her here on earth again but I know she made a profession of Faith and i will rejoice with her in heaven one day soon. 
God used her to birth Applique Frenzy .  Without her prompting me I would never have pursued this biz.  The biz allows me to stay home with my children and fulfill the calling i believe that the Lord has ordained during this season of my life. 

Any sewing and  crafting ability that I have comes from Her.  My mother doesn't have a single creative bone in her body.  thank you Mima for all you did  and always loving me..  To sum it up my grandmother may have been strong willed and feisty but she was MY sweet grandmother. 
she was born on November 3, 1927 and went to be with the Lord on August 6, 2010.

In her honor and memory and with great thankfulness for her involvement in  beginning Applique Frenzy  I am offering  60%  off of your entire order for 24 hours.  coupon will expire on November 4th at 11.59 pm
coupon code MIMA  (that's what i called her)

Today's Techonology- Is it helping or making me crazy?

Ok, so i love facebook but since i have no idea what i am doing i have created a mess.  i had a 2 personal accounts a biz page and group for my monogramming biz.  I had an applique frenzy account and then 2 pages.  not to mention 5 email accounts (personal and biz).  2 blogs. ugh.... I can't keep up.

i am going to simplify and keep just the personal account and 2 biz pages (one for AF and one for monogramming biz).

I had a VERY knowledgeable customer help me last night while i tried to sort this all out.  She gave me some links that as a biz owner you may also find very helpful.
here they are:
Every possible tutorial on creating FB Pages here (if you can code):

Kari's Website-you can see some links to great FB resources

and Kari's favorite two for business owners are: